Sunday, October 7, 2007

Party @ Marriot Hotel in Hyderabad

Hey all

After coming to Hyderabad and joining D E Shaw it was great life going when one day it was announced that we will be having after first party at Marriot Hotel.
I have always heard that D E Shaw hosts one of the best party so We(me and all friends ) were really waiting for the evening.

so finally the appointed day come.......

We were all really happy from morning and it was all party mood in the whole company and that could be felt from the dresses that the people were wearing.At 6 i got to know that i will be having a meeting from 7 PM to 8 PM that was really disappointing but anyhow that was over in 15 minutes. So finally we left for the party.

When i reached there it was really great over there.
We were feeling that we are in some virtual world . We really felt good .
The atmosphere was also awesome. What to tell.
Then as the party began it started with a fashion show. What to praise about that show. It was great then was some group dances and it was also great.
Then stated the DJ Floor and we all danced till night and had some drinks too. The night was awesome and we all were in a fantastic mood.
I will soon upload some pics and some other videos also of the party.

At aroung 1 PM in the night we came back to Home and we enjoyed the night a lot.

That was my first big party at Hyderabad and that is still in my memory


Vinod gupta

1 comment:

SHIKHA said...

hey!! Its really wonderful 2 read all d embaled up moments of ur life.Its gud dat now u ret up all d reticles of problems wisely.It seems dat life moves in tantivy dere but i knw u can cope up as u r also a motile kinda person..god bless ya!! n plz keep on doin ...waiting 4 more..


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