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2 Nights @ Manali

Hi all
2 nights @ Manali.......hope u all remember it
Although it has been very late writing about it but those two nights were really awesome and what to say about them

Ask view from singla, sharma, sekhu, jaiswal, manu, negi ji, amitabh, Seru and tussi whom we all missed a lot.Jaiswal and manu were in the Hot list on the whole trip .....hope they two didn't mind 'coz that was all crap.
just a teasing and masti kinda stuff....

So it all stated like this.
It was our final year in college and all of us fight with the department to take us on an Industrial trip.
Finally we were able to convince the department and we decided to have our industrial trip to "Kullu-Manali". So finalay we left Roorkee and moved towards manali .

Our trip started at around 8 PM in the evening. We were all going great when we got to know that all the so called gals in the batch were also going to travel with us in our bus only.
We decided to make the life worse for then so that we can do whatever we want i mean no restrictions in speaking in the bus.

So the whole night it was going fine and no body was able to sleep so we decided to play Antakshari (usual stuff which comes frist to mind). It was going fine until Nawab saab joined us and started singing the most crap songs ever sung in bollywood films. Then Antakshari was over we then stated playing Dumb Shrass . It was also God level and we all enjoyed the game.
In the mean time the driver has forgotten the path and took us on a wrong route and some people have become sick to disturb the life of others (i am not naming them otherwise they will bite my ass).......
What you say Vaibhav......

But we were really enjoying the trip....and finally we reached Manali at around 10 PM .
The hotel was booked. we got fresh and get ready for the dinner.
In the mean time some new groups have been formed on the trip. They are known to everybody so i am not specifying the names.

:) :) :) :):) :) :) :):) :) :) :):) :) :) :):) :) :) :)

Next morning we all got up and we decided to move to Rohtang pass. We reached Rohtang pass and it was really great snow over there. Dekh ke mazza aa gaya. we started tracking and then skidding on the snow and i was God Level feeling .
We even made one Shiv Ji of snow and everybody helped in making it bigger. Then we stated kind of praying it.
Then some Dust prani(creatures) like sharma ji thought of it as a snow man and made him to wear a cap and helped him smoke and then it become the snow man.
We take number of pics around it. It was really going great..

We then took horses and started tracking to great height. We were four on horses i.e me,singla,vaibhav and shekhu.
We reached great height and the horse owner has also left us and we learned horse riding also the same day. Vaibhav hope you remember how bad your horse was on the uphill journey which you have given to me on the downhill journey.

lekin upar paunch ke mazza aa gaya........then we took some great slides and it was mind blowing . We enjoyed a lot and it was really great going with all the college friends.
We all came back to the hotel and had a little party at night.

Next day we decided to go to "Hidamba Temple" and it was really nice going over there too.
And there is also some hidden masti also which i cant write here otherwise ppl will bite me up
like we got to know some special skills of Sumit bhai . It was really great .
We also teased a lot the newly formed groups on the trip (specially me vaibhav singla and sekhu ).
I think i have missed some part but i will soon updatte it as i will remember more.
I cant forget this really great trip of mine with college friends.
One can see some pics of the trip at Manali Trip

If anybody has some other pics please upload the links in comments..

waiting for your comments


Vinod Gupta


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