Thursday, October 4, 2007

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Men’s Fashion Shirts - Diesel Shirts

Diesel shirts have some really unique shirts that you won’t find in any other fashion stores. They have a great variety of fits, styles and patterns that you can mix and match when buying their shirts. They have great under and out shirts they go great with each other. The Diesel style is very unique and attractive. Well worth the money.

Diesel Shirts have slim fitting clothes and are designed that way. They work very well with slimmer guys but still look great on muscle men.

Diesel has a variety of styles for each fit look. They have very trendy polo’s, graphic t-shirts, and dress shirts with a sheek style.

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Express Shirt Review:

Express for Men’s has one of my favorite shirts, Express 1MX shirt, that I believe is an essential shirt in every man’s wardrobe. Express has excellent dress shirts with stylish patterns and looks. They have a great variety of excellent fitting dress shirts. Their shirts are perfect for the office, under a suit or for a night out of the town. Well worth the money especially during their sales.


Express for Men’s Shirts have fitted dress shirts with their 1MX series. They also have graphic tee-shirts, and polo’s in every size.


Express for Men’s Shirts have a variety of different patterns and styles with their dress shirts, polo’s, graphic tees and long sleeve shirts.

Men’s Fashion Shirt - Affliction Clothing

Affliction Clothing Shirt Review:

Affliction has very stylish trendy look in every graphical printed shirt. They have a very trendy gothic look in all their button up shirts to short and long sleeve graphic tees. Affliction t-shirts are what all the celebrities are wearing in Hollywood. Most of their shirts have graphics of skulls, crosses and other dark images. Their shirts are really only for out on the town, they wouldn’t quit fit in at the work place. A little prices but then again it pays to look like the celebs.

Affliction shirts have graphic t-shirts with a variety of sizes. Most of their shirts are for a muscular tight fit.

Affliction shirts have a variety of different patterns and styles with their graphic tees which are very unique. Most of the clothes are very dark colors and styles but very edgy.

Fashion 9 to 5

Dressing well for the office shouldn’t add stress to your workday. You just need to know the basics and start applying them. Here are the essential items to add to your closet from suits to cuff links and how to wear them. Follow this guide and you’ll assemble an elegant, easy-to-use wardrobe that’ll take you to the top of your game. Mix and match your suits, shirts and ties to stand out at the workplace.

Must have Suits Must have Shirts and Ties Fabulous Footwear The other essentials
Men's Shoes Men's Cuff Links
If you need some more business casual clothes take a look at my Men’s Fashion Website and find out where to buy nice ” in style” business attire.

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