Thursday, December 20, 2007

Party Season

This last week was really great.
No words how to describe the fun and masti that i had this last week. The fun was awesome.
I had 4 parties in this week and still 2 days are left for the week to complete.
I mean to say 4 party in 5 days.
The first one was on Sunday when it was my flatmate Himanshu's Birthday and he treated us at Shahib Singh Sultan in city center Mall in Banjara Hills.
That was a great party and we really enjoyed it.
Monday it was our Company's Quarterly party at Rock Heights in Hi Tech City .It was a great party. The party started with dances and all . The theme of the party was Mughal Empire. The environment was build like that only. It was awesome. We enjoyed lots of drinks and snacks. The party was great. Then after all this dance and some programs the DJ started and we danced a lot.
We really enjoyed it. By the time, people were high on dancing , Mr Kara was out of senses and just enjoyed sitting alone. We bring him back to home. The party finished and left a remarcable memory.

The third party was on Tuesday. Our Team Outing to RunWay-9. The important thing about this party was that it was organized by me and manish. So we were more enthusiastic about it. We reached there at around 5 PM. I did 16 laps cart laps. Actually RunWay-9 is famous for Go-Karting. In 3 out of 4 Races i was the winner. That was really great.
Last race only me and manish were there in the track and we were really fighting to get ahead of each other. We were colliding with each other with so much speed that it was great. Other teammates who were watching us were just looking that what we are doing. Of course i was the winner. When we came out the other team mates said that it was an amazing race. We enjoyed just viewing it how much you people have enjoyed doing it. Really it was great.
Then we go for two rounds of Laser Combat. That was also a great game and we enjoyed that also. We had some snacks in between and things were really going great.
At around 9 PM we left for dinner. For dinner we came to Hotel Green Park in Ameerpet. The dinner was also great and this way the third party also go great.

The fourth party was on Wednesday, the Microsoft party. It was also in High-Tech City in Novatel Hotel. The main performer over there was Sonu- Nigam. He sang really good songs and made the party really great. Everybody was enjoying it. We enjoyed some drinks also. It was great.
After that we had dinner and I returned to my Home.
This way all the 4 parties went great and i am still expecting if i go to some other party in this week itself.
Although 4 parties in 5 days was really great and awesome and i really enjoyed it.

Vinod Gupta

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