Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Trip to GOA

It is a 3 Nights and 4 Days trip to GOA around Christmas '2008 i.e December 24- December 28. It is one of the most memorable trip of my life.
I went on this trip with my college friends and we were 14 friends. All of us have gathered from different places(6 from Hyd, 7 from B'lore and 1 from Mumbai). This trip to GOA was actually a much awaited one but very difficult as there were much chances of the trip getting canceled 'coz of terrorist threats in GOA but despite all these we all decided to go to GOA and we reached GOA on the day of Christmas the most happening place in India

Day 1:
We rented a Bunglow very near to Calangute Beach (~200 Mts). We were very happy seeing the GOA lifestyle and we all just wanted to enjoy all 4 days. The first place we visited in GOA was "Calangute Beach" and it is known as one of the most popular beaches in GOA. After reaching the beach, we just jumped in water and enjoyed the sea to the fullest. I was seeing the sea for the first time and same was the case with some other friends so we had gone crazy in sea.
We enjoyed number of water sports like "Water Bike", "Banana ride" and they were just rocking. We just went crazy on the sea and all of us enjoyed it a lot. Then we had a session of Beverages and that continued continuously for 4 days. We returned home and went for a little shopping for the Christmas eve. After dinner, we enjoyed the Christmas night also on the "Calungaute Beach" only. I don't remember exactly but I think we returned at around 4 in morning from the beach enjoyed to the fullest.

Day 2:
Second day morning, we got the bikes as per one's wish. We got 7 bikes. My partner was Tushar, and we decided to take "Royal Enfield". Enfield is too good a bike, I will say a Manly bike. Few groups took Avenger and rest take Pulsar. We started for "Fort Aguada". This fort is so called the fort shown in "Dil Chahta Hai", the only reason people visit it but I am not sure how credible it is. Well the fort was good and we had a big Photo session over there. The fort is adjacent to a sea and it looks awesome seeing the sea from the fort. In all going to fort was very good experience. After fort we all decided to go to "Anjuna beach". We all started towards "Anjuna beach". In the mid way, we saw number of foreigners driving bike without T-Shirt and vest. We also went crazy and followed them. I will say this was one of the most craziest thing I had done in my life. We reached "Anjuna beach" and it is actually a rocky violent beach, not as calm as "Calangute Beach". We had bath and a number of crazy things not worth mentioning here but i think Tushar, Vaibhav and Vishal would never forget that. Me and Vaibhav started it..:-). After that whole session of beverages and we spent the whole night on "Anjuna beach". At around 10 we reached Curilies on "Anjuna beach" and it is the place I think everybody should go in Goa. We enjoyed the whole night and returned home very late night. We also forgot the way back to Hotel but it was all good. Goa is an ultimate place where you are allowed to do anything anywhere, anytime and police will just see you but won't ask you anything except for a driving license when you are driving. Goa rocks!!!!.

Day 3:
Finally third day started and people decided that we all will go for "Cruise Ride" in south Goa. We got the tickets booked. Then everybody moved out in different groups whereever one wants. We again reached "Calangute Beach" and played a lot in water. We played football in water, on sand beach though very tiring. It was me, Vaibhav, Tushar and Vishal. The weather was good. I was again in mood of going for a ride of "Water Bike". I took a water bike ride once again and that person suggested us to go for a "Banana Ride". We were exactly not sure Banana ride actualy means. He said we will go on Banana to the middle of the sea and he will give us two churns of banana in sea. We all started and wear Life Jackets. The ride started and we were in the middle of the sea when they said shall they give us the first churn in sea. We all said yes and he turned the banana. We were not knowing that we have to leave the banana. I and Vishal saw vaibhav and Tushar lose control and they left the Banana and were in deep sea. Me and Vishal were thinking we have only one Life Guard and four people to save, so whom he will save. The priority each person will get will decrease so we continued holding it tightly and the Boat driver increased the speed so that we leave the Banana.We were cursing our fate and thinking why we agreed to take this ride. But all was destined. Finally we also, thinking it to be destiny, left our hands and were in deep sea asking for help to save us. Soon we learnt that the Life Jackets we were wearing were very effective and will save us. We started enjoying sea and we just tried to move about a little with the waves and really enjoyed it. Then after 5 minutes or so, the Life Guard started pulling us out of water and we were again on Banana. We really enjoyed it a lot but really silly on me and Vishal. We came out of the sea saying that this is the awesome ride we had, rest all were just waste fo money and time. I suggest everybody who want to enjoy in Sea, should go for Banana ride. Then after having some beverages we left for Hotel so that we can join other friends on the Paradise Cruise.
We started for Paradise Crusie and in the mid of way, Vaibhav bike was out of petrol. We struggeled a lot getting the petrol and finally when we reached cruise, the cruise left. Though we got entry in the second cruise with the same ticket. After having the Cruise ride we all went around driving bike in south goa. The roads in South goa are really good and we drive continously for hours and we just loved it. We had bike race as well. It was awesome. Though it started getiing cold at that time but we continued. Later at night we again reached "Curlies" on "Anjuna beach". There Krishan, Ankit, Ravi were already there and we enjoyed till 4 in the morning. We returned back. Me and Tushar were in mood of going here and ther. We started bike and just went around in Goa. It was a lovely night. We returned and slept.

Day 4:
The day started, the Bike owners came to take away the bike. Then we normally started the day with a decision that we will start return Journey by 4Pm. People started shopping something to keep as a souvenir/memento. We had lunch and then shopping. We all were knowing the trip has ome to an end and we all were thinking hope it could continue for some 2 more days so we can explore all parts of Goa. We then left Goa visting the Old Church and Museum while returning. I suggested that these places are meant for old people but everybody forced and we went there also. It was really good. Finally the people from Banglore left for Banglore and we moved towards Hyderabad.
[Just to Add:] I hope Nawab, Krishan Aditya you all remember what just happened with Football Issue before we left. It was all good.

Finally we reached Hyderabad. This trip to Goa with college friends was an awesome trip and I can never forget it.

Pics Added in Orkut: http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#Album.aspx?uid=9315321840215873995&aid=1232089159

Pics in Picasa web Album: http://picasaweb.google.com/vinodgupta85/GoaTrip#

Vinod Gupta


Tushar said...

yaar i cant forget what happened after the banana was turned i went into sea, life jacket pulled me up and when i opened my eyes i saw the boat and banana at some distance and it was speeding away from me. I literally got scared for my life and started shouting all the curses.
Man ...... i still shiver... but lets do it again some time in future.

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Subrat said...

Dude you had really enjoyed in Goa. It seems there were number of instances which ou haven't even mentioned in detail but you Guys have fully enjoyed the Goa during Christmas. Goa Rocks!!!
The pics looks too good and Goa is a place worth going for every bachelor. The Calangute Beach and Anjuna beach just rocks!!

srikanth131 said...


Its a great blog , Having Good Deal of Details yet interesting.

I ma also planning a trip, how much did you pay for the house and the bikes(per day) also any recommendation ?

goatraveltips.com said...

It seems that you people really enjoyed there. Its so nice to go there with friends.


goatraveltips.com said...

That's why Goa beaches are most famous in the wold because they are the most peaceable beaches. They are always crowded.


Lopez said...

Exiting place "Goa", I like the place and planning to visit goa this year.

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