Saturday, January 5, 2008

Making BreadPakoda at my place

Hi all,
Today morning we wake up. What is the big deal we wake up daily.
As we wake up we started watching TV but soon we felt hungry.
We thought of eating something and as usual on Saturday our maid has not come for making the lunch/breakfast (in short Brunch). We though what to do and all that planning.
Suddenly I thought of making bread pakoda. I asked bhupi. I asked him that i am making Bread Pakoda for me. If you are interested you can join me in making otherwise i will make it for me only. To my surprise he joined me. We went to market to get bread and besan and all pre-requisites.
I boiled the potatoes. We messed them to make the paste and fill it between the breads.
I also made besan paste. We boiled the oil in a pan and started frying bread pakoda. To our surprise the bread pakoda's were really tasty and we really enjoyed eating it.
One guest has also come to our place and he also praised us that they are really tasty.
As we were about to finish all the prepared ones,paresh also joined and eat some pakodas. He said they are really tasty and suggested to make it once more some other day.
After coming to Hyderabad cooking has become ny part time passion and i really enjoy cooking different things and the best part is that they are really edible and also tasty.
We enjoy eating what i cook on some weekends.

I look forward making more things and hope i make them also really good.
After coming to Hyderabad i have started making different dishes and it really boosts my confidence and also fulfill my part timer passion also.

Thanks a lot.
Vinod Gupta
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